Thesis on heavy metal pollution

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thesis on heavy metal pollution

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Correspondence to: Oksfriani Jufri Sumampouw, Environmental Science and Technology Graduate Program, University of Brawijaya, Indonesia. The environment quality of water, soil and air is degraded increasingly. Therefore we need to raise the prevention of pollution by monitoring environmental quality.

There were several monitoring methods on the environmental quality, especially biological method. Biological methods assess the presence of several species, such as plants, insects, fish, bacteria and viruses as environmental indicator.

Some species of bacteria have been used as indicators in monitoring environmental quality, e. Cite this paper: Oksfriani Jufri Sumampouw, Yenny Risjani, Bacteria as Indicators of Environmental Pollution: Review, International Journal of Ecosystem, Vol. Environment has the ability to revive the situation and neutralize its own condition and restore their initial state, if the waste is below the threshold of environment carrying capacity.